Loop Community Events


Together with expert organizations, we provide a customized training, a workshop or a development course for your organization in the beautiful Plein Publiek. On this page we provide an overview of some possible trainings we organize in collaboration with Quest as well as an overview of speakers we work with, but feel free to contact us for other possibilities. We have many interesting partners from different fields (finance, research, strategy, well-being,...) to work out a customized activity.


Looking for an awesome speaker?


A short and inspiring session with key insights on the topic. (TIMING: 1-2 HOURS)


Fully tailored to your organization’s needs. You get trained on the essentials of the topic and you’ll learn how to use actionable tools and methods.


Fully tailored to your organization’s needs. You’ll get a deep understanding of the topic, extensive tools and methods and you’ll apply the learned tools and methods to your own business case. (TIMING: 3-5 DAYS)


- Impact Design: The art of building positive impact solutions - How to use business as a force for good - Going beyond sustainability - Be the change: why you should become a B Corp - Cultivating an impactful culture - The future of impact in your sector - Defining a Just and Equitable future - Tracking sustainable business model patterns - How to stand out while others are greenwashing - NGO & non-profit fundraising - And more