Don Ritzen - We Are Impact Collective

Introducing our first incredible Green Shark: Don Ritzen, the founding member of We Are Impact Collective. Don and his team at We Are Impact Collective are here to revolutionize the world of sustainable impact.
We Are Impact Collective is not just an impact boutique; it's a catalyst for change. They bring together diverse fields of expertise to tackle interconnected challenges and help you initiate, embrace, and scale your impact. Whether you're seeking change in leadership, impact investing, planetary and societal solutions, strategy, ESG, philanthropy, venture building, inner development goals, circularity, distributivity, or inclusiveness, We Are Impact Collective is your go-to partner for inspiration, guidance, and unwavering support.

Don's focus as a Green Shark revolves around three key areas:
1️⃣ Biodiversity solutions like "Oyster Heaven."
2️⃣ Bio solutions, including bacteria-based companies.
3️⃣ Initiatives that aim to spread and develop "Inner Development Goals" or similar concepts.
With a funding range of €15,000 - €25,000, Don and his team offer essential financial support. But that's not all they provide. They go above and beyond by offering a wealth of resources and expertise to help your project thrive. Ready to dive into the world of sustainable innovation with Don? Submit your game-changing idea today and seize this extraordinary opportunity by sending an email with the completed registration form to by Aug. 13, 2023.


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