Flore Beaumond - Oya Seed

As the fund manager at Oya Seed, Flore represents an impact fund managed externally by Shaping Impact Group on behalf of the Colruyt family. Oya Seed supports seed-stage innovative companies that are on a mission to build a better world.
Oya Seed offers more than just financial backing. They provide seed capital of 50K in equity or convertible debts, along with access to a vast network of social entrepreneurs and investors. Additionally, they offer valuable mentoring and advice to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of scaling their impact-driven businesses.
To be eligible for Oya Seed, your business must meet specific criteria. Impact should be at the core of your mission and embedded within your business model. As a seed-stage company, you should be ready to attract your first professional investors. Oya Seed seeks original and scalable business models, with a proof of product in place. No initial sales or profit are required. Moreover, having a strong, committed, and complementary team is crucial, and being based in Belgium or having a significant impact in the country is also preferred.
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